Chapter 111. Sexually Oriented Businesses

Section I Purpose And Findings

Section II Definitions

Section III Classification

Section IV License Required

Section V Issuance of License

Section VI Fees

Section VII Inspection

Section VIII Expiration of License

Section IX Suspension

Section X Revocation

Section XI Transfer of License

Section XII Location of Sexually Oriented Businesses

Section XIII Additional Regulations for Adult Motels

Section XIV Regulations Pertaining to Exhibition of Sexually Explicit Films, Videos or Live Entertainment in Viewing Rooms

Section XV Additional Regulations for Escort Agencies

Section XVI Additional Regulations for Nude Model Studios

Section XVII Additional Regulations Concerning Public Nudity

Section XVIII Prohibition Against Children in a Sexually Oriented Business

Section XIX Hours of Operation

Section XX Exemptions

Section XXI Injunction

Section XXII Severability

Section XXIII Conflicting Ordinances Repealed

Section XXIV Territorial Application

Section XXV Effective Date