Chapter 92. Emergency Services

92.01 Creation

92.02 Development and Implementation

92.03 Jurisdiction

92.04 Requirements

92.05 Budget

92.06 Director

92.15 Taxes Levied

92.16 Other Charges

92.17 Equipment and Facilities Furnished

92.99 Penalty

An Ordinance Establishing The Gallatin County Sheriff and His Deputies as The Legally Created and Recognized Law Enforcement Agency for Gallatin County

An Ordinance For The Marking of Structures Addressed Within Gallatin County, Kentucky

An Ordinance Relating to Participation in the Kentucky Law Enforcement Foundation Program Fund

General Order OM-B-13 Rotating Wrecker Log

Ordinance 06-12-03-01 Barry Alexander, Director of Emergency Management

Ordinance 8-11-05-1 Establishment and Continuation of County Police Force

An Ordinance Creating The Gallatin County Office of Emergency Management

Ordinance 03-11-99

Ordinance 090811