Ordinance No. 041416- Nonexclusive Franchise

Title Page

Section 1 Construction

Section 2 Scope

Section 3 Severability

Section 4 Definitions

Section 5 Failure of The County To Enforce This Ordinance

Section 6 Repeal of Inconsistent Resolutions and Ordinances

Section 7 Resolution of Inconsistencies With Federal or State, Rules, Regulations or Laws

Section 8 Notices

Section 9 Indemnity

Section 10 Liability Insurance

Section 11 Furnishing of Reports

Section 12 Books and Records

Section 13 Notification of Customers’ and Franchisee’s Rights and Responsibilities; General Policy

Section 14 Notification of Customers’ and Franchisee’s Rights and Responsibilities; Minimum Contents

Section 15 Billing Practices

Section 16 Billing Credit or Refunds For Service Outages, Interruptions; Substandard Signal or Picture Quality or Unsolicited Service

Section 17 Customer Service Performance

Section 18 Preferential or Discriminatory Practices Prohibited

Section 19 Use of Equipment, Return of Equipment, Security Deposits, and Their Return

Section 20 Service Logs

Section 21 Restoration of a Subscriber’s Property

Section 22 Service Requests, Complaints, and Response Times

Section 23 Franchisee Required To Maintain Sufficient Repair Parts and Sufficient Repair Personnel

Section 24 New Installations; Connections – Regular, Promotional, Seasonal, Short-Term, and Pay-Per-view; Re-Connections

Section 25 Disconnection For Non-Payment

Section 26 Voluntary Disconnections and Downgrades

Section 27 Resolution of Complaints

Section 28 Continued Use of Individual Antennas Protected

Section 29 Construction of Good Quality

Section 30 Conditions on Use of Streets and Public Ways

Section 31 Construction Standards

Section 32 Permits and Licenses

Section 33 Standby Power

Section 34 Emergency Alert and Emergency Override

Section 35 Preventive Maintenance Program

Section 36 Extent of Grant of Franchise

Section 37 Terms of Franchise

Section 38 Payment To The Government

Section 39 Relief From This Ordinance

Section 40 Assignment Or Transfer of Franchise

Section 41 Default Of Franchise; Revocation, Termination or Cancellation of Franchise

Section 42 Capacity of System

Section 43 Description of Cable Television Distribution System

Section 44 Public, Educational, Governmental, and Leased Access

Section 45 Most Favored Nation

Section 46 Miscellaneous Provisions – Tampering and Unauthorized Reception of Certain Services

Section 47 Equal Employment Opportunity

Section 48 Nature of Franchise

Section 49 Effective Date